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Guitar Tuna is an Android application that is a convenient guitar tuner. With this utility, users can quickly tune their musical instruments without too much effort. The application does not require registration and subsequent authorization. Immediately after entering the utility, users are invited to read the privacy policy. After that, you need to give the application access to the microphone. This is necessary for the program to independently determine the type of string instrument. 

Next, the user should enable the recording function and play his guitar, after which the application will select individual settings for each string type. It is worth noting that the application catches the tiniest intonations and vibrations of strings so you can fine-tune your guitar and other instruments. Choose a classic system or your own variation with different notes. All this can be organically tuned to make your instrument sound perfect.

Tool types

The application works not only with guitars, but also with other strings. The list of tools is constantly updated and updated. Below are the types of tools that can be customized in the application: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass-guitar, ukulele, etc. It is noted that in the application there are over 100 different tunings – the pitch settings of open strings. In addition, the application works great even in noisy environments, as it can filter recordings and get rid of background sounds.

App Features

  • the application helps in tuning the stringed instruments;
  • background noises are automatically eliminated;
  • you must provide access to the device’s microphone;
  • there are more than 100 different systems;
  • the application is available for download and use absolutely free.
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