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Android 4.
Hangouts New ConversationHangouts New Chat

Hangouts is a social application from Google that is suitable for every user of Android smartphones. Here you can create individual cheats and video conferences to communicate with friends and relatives. Share files, chat without limits, and enjoy full access to social communication.

Chats & Video Calls

A feature of this Android application is the ability to chat online with different people. You can create private cheats or public conferences to discuss various aspects. It is also suitable for creating a working meeting and sharing important files. In addition to text messages, you can share photos, emoticons, and emoji. Record videos and publish them in group chats. Each user can also initiate a video conference for up to 10 people. It will help you communicate with different people around the world and interact with your colleagues. Use the app for free online messages.

Groups with content & calls

Here you can create workgroups for the exchange of content and various activities. Chat with friends and colleagues without limits and Express your emotions. Thanks to a convenient interface, this application is suitable for daily communication and file sharing. Enjoy unlimited data storage and organize your workflow every day.

A stylish application only requires connecting your account to send SMS messages and phone calls. You can communicate with users within the app and call real numbers. The only nuances will be maybe I pay for roaming if you call the actual number.


  • application for Android devices with text chats and calls;
  • create free video calls for up to 10 people;
  • groups with a conversation up to 150 people and the ability to add files;
  • add emoticons, emoji, and photos during communication;
  • minimum consumption of Internet traffic.
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