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HBO Max is an application for Android that provides you with an opportunity to watch different entertainment content on your device. 

Main functions 

The app gives you access to all the movies and TV series that are available on the eponymous cable channel. 

Be advised that if you are going to use it, it is obligatory to own a paid subscription otherwise it's impossible to create an account. 

After you are logged in you can start watching anything you like. There are countless categories you can browse, along with topical collections that are hand-picked by critics.

If you plan to watch something later and you are afraid there won't be an internet connection, it is possible to download a movie and save it on the memory of your device. 

There is also original content available. It is different shows that are made exclusively for HBO and you can't find them on other platforms like Pluto TV, for example. 

Moreover, if your child is using your profile there is the ability to turn on a special mode. It blocks all mature movies and TV series for a certain period of time. So you can protect your kids from adult content this way. 


This app allows you to create up to five unique profiles. You can set each one accordingly to your tastes or give them to your friends or family. 

It is possible to name them, choose if it is for an adult or kid, and pick genres you would like to see in your recommendations tab. 


  • allows you to watch all content available for HBO subscribers on your phone;
  • movies and TV series are organized into categories;
  • there are hand-picked collections of films;
  • you get access to original shows that are available exclusively on this platform;
  • free download for Android. 
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