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Meditation Guide

Headspace is an exercise for meditation. This Android application has many modes that include proper meditation for healthy sleep, replenishment of vital energy, and restoration of strength. Users can choose relaxing music and learn how to control their breathing during meditation properly. This application simplifies breathing control, relieves you of anxiety, and helps to cope with stress. You can use the sample library to fall asleep faster and get active relaxation. But you can use motivating music to do sports, yoga and various strength training. 

You will be able to control your spiritual Alter Ego and get more benefits during self-development. Use headphones to listen to music. The application menu is very convenient and helps to choose a format for stress relief. You will be able to select different categories and customize your relaxation process. Listen to the sounds of fire and wildlife in 3D mode. It will allow you to immerse yourself in a unique atmosphere and pulls the place of stress. 

How to Use It

Set your goals every day, and do not forget to follow them in a particular schedule. It will help you get rid of stress and increase your self-esteem. Without a doubt, you can improve your life energy and promote the sensations of life. You need to concentrate on the sources of your positive emotions and abstract from the everyday world. Imagine yourself the best place in the world and forget about all the worries. Try to concentrate on your own body, and you will see a positive result.

App Features

  • android app for meditation and relaxation;
  • many tips and practical instructions;
  • lots of tips and useful guidelines;
  • personal growth meditation for every user;
  • health mindfulness training for pregnant women.
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