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Android 4.1 and above

Hellopet is an entertaining Android application that allows you to join the world of pets and see them on your screen. Install the program on your smartphone, and you can display cats, dogs, parrots, chickens, and other creatures on your screen. They will travel cute near your applications and delight you with their appearance. It is worth noting that this is a great entertaining application that allows you to diversify the use of your smartphone and see various pets while working with certain phone features. 

The application gives voice signals, shows graphic images of animals, and allows you to diversify your workday. This cute interface will add more positive colors to your life and allow you to enjoy the moment while using your smartphone. Two-dimensional animation includes various animals that are fun and playfully reacting to your actions. Switch between different activities tabs to get your animal to act.

A Good Day

Thanks to this application, your everyday can be much more fun and interesting. Enjoy the company of virtual friends and pets. You can interact with each creature and display it on the screen of your smartphone. Thanks to this, you will always be in the company with interesting creatures and will be able to get a lot of positive emotions. This application does not load the RAM of the smartphone and allows you to continue to do all daily business without restrictions. Now you get the opportunity to diversify your workday and get more positive emotions.

App Features

  • application with pets on Android;
  • display animals on the screen of your smartphone;
  • funny animations and many animals;
  • menu with activities and bonuses for each level;
  • interaction with animals on the screen.
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