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Android 5.0 and above
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HERE WeGo is a modern application providing options for online and offline navigation. Now you can travel around the city much simpler and easier. The app is designed for pedestrians and drivers of vehicles. If you are traveling on the sidewalk, a properly composed route will help you with voice prompts. You can also draw on various markers on the map. Drivers and can count on convenient car navigation. A voice assistant will help you move along the route and go around various obstacles. 

Now you can plan your trip in advance and choose your intended route of action. You can use the online version or download maps to your smartphone or tablet for offline navigation. GPS allows you to quickly configure any movement in the city and identify your vehicle. Now you can compare different travel routes, order a taxi or travel in your car. A step-by-step guide will help you significantly reduce your waiting time and get to your destination on time.

Fast Travelling

These online maps will be especially useful for drivers who are in a new city for the first time. Now you can move around the city with comfort and quickly determine the necessary route. Tourists no longer need to look for the sights of the afternoon. After all, all objects are displayed on an online map. Thanks to this application, you can easily plan your Weekend and visit all the attractions in the city. Travel on foot or by car in comfort. Convenient maps work offline and allow you to clearly determine your location.

App Features

  • application for online and offline navigation;
  • detailed maps with the location of key objects;
  • voice assistant and route creation system;
  • the ability to find a taxi or hike on Android;
  • exact location and prompts to users.
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