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Chris Heria, LLC
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Heria Pro is a training program application. Having decided to lead a healthy lifestyle, many do not know where to start. In fact, everything is simple – it is important to focus on a healthy diet and physical activity. The latter will help plan Heria Pro. This application will help you develop an effective workout plan and improve the physical condition of your body. Now you can increase your strength and become more athletic.

Applications like Press in 30 days or Buttocks in 30 days are aimed at those who want to do business sparingly: do not pay for visiting the hall, buying uniforms and equipment. Heria Pro works on a different principle and is perfect for those who take training more seriously. Among the exercises selected by him, there will certainly be those that can only be performed on simulators – consider such points.

Fitness App

To draw up a lesson plan, you do not need to re-read a lot of literature on sports, or consult a specialist. Heria Pro has a special generator that will help you with your lesson plan. The application will ask questions, and you will need to answer them. Based on these answers, an individual program will be compiled. Any set of exercises soon ceases to give the initial effect – the body adapts to stable loads. Therefore, the application provides for the gradual complication of training and the addition of new exercises.

App Features

  • drawing up a workout plan based on user preferences;
  • the choice of the duration of the period of employment;
  • editing the proposed plans with the ability to save to your personal profile;
  • adding sports goals and tracking the progress of their implementation;
  • support for all current versions of Android.
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