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HobDrive is an on-board computer that helps you monitor the condition of the car and prevent various breakdowns. Also, the application makes it possible to carry out vehicle diagnostics in real time. HobDrive reads data from electronic control units (ECUs) using the ELM327 adapter. The application offers the following set of features. It is possible to receive error codes and their reset. It’s also good for sending notifications of overheating and exceeded values of the fuel correction rate.

You can use the calculation of fuel consumption taking into account downtime. It also has the determination of speed, engine speed and other indicators when driving. Start maintaining a journal of gas stations and expenses for gasoline. It helps you to make a collection of travel statistics with detailed details. HobDrive “packs” the processed data, and then forms graphs and charts on their basis. The program user has the opportunity to choose the appropriate theme.


The application is universal and works with almost any car that supports data transfer via OBD 2. HobDrive will “make friends” with both Russian-made cars and foreign cars. A detailed list of vehicles that are “subject to” diagnostics can be found on the official website of the developer. Please note that some of the features mentioned are only available in the full version of HobDrive. It’s simple to use this app.

App Features

  • car diagnostics using ELM327 OBD 2 adapter;
  • receiving data on the state of the vehicle in real time;
  • preparation of detailed reports and data storage in logs;
  • calculation of fuel consumption and history of gas stations;
  • the ability to use as an on-board computer.
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