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Home Design 3D is an application for the design of residential premises and the territories adjacent to them. Work with the application begins with drawing a two-dimensional plan of rooms. When planning, you will need to specify all the parameters – the height of the walls and their thickness, the location of the doors and windows, as well as their dimensions. An integrated catalog of ready-made elements will simplify the arrangement of furniture and the addition of various decorations to the interior. 

Home Design 3D allows you to manage all the added elements by changing their color, size and location. The program offers classic tools for evaluating completed work. Switching to the three-dimensional mode allows you to look at the designed room or apartment from the inside, as if you really are in this room. The choice of time of day is available – day or night with a full simulation of light.

Project Publishing

Home Design 3D allows you to distribute finished projects in several ways. First of all, this, of course, is the publication in your own community of the application, where other users will be able to evaluate your work. There is also the option of sending the file by email. It is suitable for those who want to showcase their work to colleagues or friends. And the last option is to use Dropbox or OneDrive cloud storage.

App Features

  • creating a virtual interior of rooms and houses;
  • support for two-dimensional and three-dimensional modes;
  • sending the project to the “cloud” and placing it in the Home Design 3D community;
  • intuitive workspace providing quick access to the necessary tools;
  • compatibility with all current versions of the Android operating system.
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