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Leap Fitness Group
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Android 4.4
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Home Workout is an Android application for home sports training without weighting.

Daily activities

The application contains a set of classes for those who want to gain muscle mass for free and be in good shape at home. To do this, the menu has several types of workouts for various muscle groups. You can select the type of activity and view detailed tutorials. The correct implementation of the approaches will help to achieve the first results.

The menu has different intensity levels for beginners and experienced athletes. Beginners can choose a complex for burning subcutaneous fat, or a program for building muscle. All tasks do not include weights in the form of dumbbells or barbells.

Progress control

A separate table contains user results and overall progress. A novice athlete can control the stages passed and calories burned. Also, the starter program helps to monitor regular exercise with the help of notifications.

Home Workout allows you to find a balance between current weight and the classic body mass index. The curved line on the graph displays the current achievements of the user. The application is easy to switch to other types of workouts and view performance on graphs. This makes it possible to visually track changes in the body and increase the intensity of classes.

Users need not to miss home workouts in order to achieve a stable result after 30 days. In case of significant breaks between classes of several days, people can get a significantly lower result.


  • fitness application for home exercises;
  • control of weight and body parameters for free;
  • a set of exercises without weights for fat burning;
  • animation and video for the correct implementation of exercises;
  • the ability to install on devices with the relevant versions of Android.
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