Home Workout in 30 Days

Home Workout in 30 Days

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Home Workout in 30 Days is an Android application that helps you lose weight quickly and safely. In practice, users can find nutrition plans as well as systematic training.

Everyday Workouts

The home page shows a detailed monthly training plan. Exercise may change. Accordingly, the program will become increasingly difficult every day. Please note that a detailed description and GIF animation accompany each free exercise. Thus, it will be much easier for users to understand how to perform certain exercises correctly.

You can watch exercise videos without leaving the Android application. Professional sports instructors prepare all videos. The voice assistant helps users during training. He tells you when to relax and gives advice. Most importantly, you do not need to look at the phone screen, thanks to a voice assistant during training.

Personal Diet

Along with the training program, users are provided with a monthly nutrition plan. There are two types of nutrition plans – standard and vegetarian. The developers say that you need to combine training and proper nutrition to get the result. Unfortunately, in practice, there is no recipe for food and drinks used in terms of nutrition. It just shows what to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It also features snacks.

You can follow basic guidelines and use additional software to find the right diet. You can also contact your doctor for advice on the proper diet. It is worth noting that all exercises can bring maximum efficiency with adequate burning for calories and recovery of the body.


  • free Android application for weight loss;
  • monthly courses and personal diet;
  • detailed exercises and training guidelines;
  • view individual statistics and achievements;
  • choose a course of training for weight loss or gaining muscle mass.
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