Hotspot Shield VPN

Hotspot Shield VPN

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18 Mb
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Android version
Android 5.0 and above
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Hotspot Shield VPN is a popular VPN service on Android that allows you to connect to various servers around the world and bypass regional blocking of websites. Users can count on a convenient interface, blocking advertising trackers and malicious files on the internet. You can also quickly bypass local lock of sites and be anonymous on the network. The application allows you to be fully protected on the web and not worry about possible hacking options. Also, some sites may load even faster since the regional provider will not be able to restrict your Internet channel.

It is worth noting that you can connect to a large number of servers in different countries to ensure the highest connection speed. Thanks to it, no one can track your activity, and you can enjoy free, free internet. You can also hide your IP-address in public Wi-Fi networks. It is essential because the internet in cafes and restaurants is not always safe.

Fast server Connection

The process of connecting to servers around the world is rapid and easy. You only need to select a country and click on the button to join. After that, you can go to all blocked sites without problems, conduct quick registration, and use the content. Now no one can tell you what to do on the network. Enjoy safe and free internet without limits. You can connect to various services like Netflix or Amazon Prime without any problems. All you need is to connect to the mobile web or Wi-Fi network.

App Features

  • reliable VPN service for Android devices;
  • fast connection to servers around the world;
  • hide the real IP address to bypass the locks;
  • gadget protection against malicious attacks;
  • streaming & torrenting in one click.
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