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Android 5.0

HUDWAY is a GPS navigator for Android devices. You can make a route and travel by car.


The utility contains OpenStreetMap maps showing the main highways, buildings, traffic directions and various objects. To start the journey, users need to get directions. Then you can fix the device on the holder on the side panel. It notifies the driver about the time of the trip, turns, road junctions and signals about speed limits and road traffic.

Also, the utility can project a map onto the windshield. The image is clearly visible only at night, so during the day it is better to use the screen of a smartphone or tablet. The assistant consumes a lot of energy, so it is better to take a power bank or a power adapter in advance. The utility has a simple interface and allows you to quickly switch between routes.

Alternative routes

Sometimes traffic jams, accidents and repairs can make it impossible to drive along the highway. You can choose an alternative route and the application will redirect you along a different road. You can also view all trip statistics.

To compile all types of routes without an internet connection, you need to download an offline map. It will help you navigate around the city and quickly indicate the destination route. Some users note that the utility does not always work correctly in small cities. Roads and signs are not true. Also, the car assistant informs people too early about the turn.


  • application for car navigation;
  • the HUD mode for creating projection on the windshield;
  • offline mode and downloadable maps;
  • the utility is available for free download and use;
  • compatibility with current versions of Android.
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