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IDOLCHAMP is the official Show Champion app on Android. Thanks to this program, you can vote for your favorite contestants and receive tickets for live performances. Here you can get closer to your ideal camera and get a photo with the signature of a star. Take part in quizzes and win tickets for live performances. Here you can evaluate various activities and participate in the life of your idols. The application is intended for fans who want to discuss the creation of their idols and interaction with other users. 

The voting system allows you to participate in the selection of the best contestants and publish the results online. You can also watch unofficial videos and participate in the life of celebrities. It has gathered a lot of exciting Korean pop music bands. That is why you can enjoy the stylish interface and impressive menu. Support your idol and enjoy the best ratings. Vote for those who like And let them win.

Let’s Vote

The application is great for fans of Korean pop music as it offers to interact with the Canadian community and get autographs from stars and celebrities. There are many options for interaction and the opportunity to get tickets for live performances. Be active and stay tuned for all updates in the application. A little attention and you play your ticket. A convenient menu allows you to select various sections to chat with friends, fans of Korean pop music and discuss the latest news. Be on the wave of modern pop music and participate in the life of fans of Korean pop groups.

App Features

  • the best Android app for exploring K-POP STAR;
  • convenient menu and voting system;
  • many unofficial videos and other content;
  • an opportunity to win a ticket for a live performance;
  • the opportunity to interact with the fan community.
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