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IKEA is the official application from a well-known Swedish company, designed to familiarize the user with an interactive furniture catalog. The main objective of the IKEA application is to give the user an idea of the popular manufacturer of furniture and home goods, his activities and style. First of all, the creators are trying to inform the buyer of how convenient, practical and beautiful products manufactured by IKEA are. And you can’t argue, their products are really high-quality, attractive and, most importantly, comfortable!

In this application, you will not only familiarize yourself with the catalog of goods that can be purchased at any of IKEA outlets, but also try out Augmented Reality technologies, using special tools to “try on” decor or interior elements from the catalog to your apartment or house. In addition, IKEA will serve as a source of inspiration for you. A lot of articles, photos and videos will tell you a lot of new things about arranging your living space, offer practical advice on creating comfort, as well as creative ideas that you will immediately want to bring to life!


Hundreds of times have heard about IKEA, but you have a rather poor understanding of what this company is? In order to understand everything, it is not necessary to spend personal time visiting shopping points in different parts of the world. Download the IKEA Catalog application on your Andoid device, and you will find out everything you need and even more! To download the application, use the button located slightly below this review.

Key Features

  • introduces the buyer to IKEA furniture catalogs;
  • contains recommendations and ideas for improving the interior;
  • submits material in the form of articles, supplemented by photos, as well as videos;
  • has a nice concise interface in a modern style;
  • works exclusively with new versions of the Android operating system (5.0 and higher).
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