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Increase Height

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Increase Height is an Android app that allows you to perform the right exercises to increase your height. Use the tips in the menu to get the result in a short time.

Became taller

Some people face growth problems. It is due to the biological nuances that are embedded in your body. However, there is an excellent way to boost your growth without natural intervention. The Android application data will allow you to improve the general condition of the body and increase your growth by at least 5 cm. This parameter is achieved by performing the right exercises, daily physical activity, and proper nutrition. 

You should use special tips and intensive training to increase your growth. Here is a program for the whole month that will help you achieve the right result. Do not forget about the right amount of calories, proteins, and carbohydrates. Remember that calcium is the basis of your guests. Take enough vitamins and minerals to get the expected result.

Fast results

The main advantage of this application is an intensive set of exercises. As a result, you can count on the first results after a week. After a month of intense training and proper nutrition, you will be able to observe how your growth grows. It is a great feeling that will help you feel comfortable. 

Enjoy the new parameters of your body and consolidate the result with the help of daily training. It will help you get even more useful. Keep track of your activity log and maintain a healthy lifestyle with healthy sleep. Choose a detailed schedule that is right for you.


  • application with exercises to increase growth;
  • intensive training with a description of the exercises;
  • tips for proper nutrition;
  • convenient Android advisor for each user;
  • a free set of tasks to increase efficiency.
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