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Infinite Painter

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Infinite Painter is an Android app that will help you draw magnificent paintings using the touch screen.

Smart Drawing

Depending on the resolution and diagonals of your screen, you can create excellent drawings in this application. Use over 160 presets to choose a beautiful brush and draw without limits. You can change the parameters and settings that will simulate paper. Create various effects and overlay multiple layers of the graphic. Here you can draw exact figures or not achieve geometric perfection.

It is worth noting that the application interface will allow you to find various tools and adjust colors quickly. Choose tools to erase excess information or paint over missing pieces. Here you can organize your workflow and practice art drawing. Convenient and advanced features allow you to complement the image of the asymmetrical graph or invert colors. Experiment with textures and get a suitable transformation of scale and graphics.

Import and export PSD layers

If you miss the full version of Photoshop for Android devices, then this program will be able to replace you with most of the important functions. You can use different layers and upload photos in different formats. Save parameters and adjust the palette to colorize your textures in new shades. Now you can create masterpieces on your smartphone and not worry about their quality. The main advantage of this application is that you are limited only by your imagination and can create perfect graphic masterpieces.


  • free application for Android devices;
  • paint pictures and add great effects;
  • more than 160 brushes and effects for combining colors;
  • advanced graphics settings and the undo option;
  • the ability to save images in various formats.
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