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The size
37 Mb
Number of installations
Current version
5.5.1 (1189)
Android version
Android 4.4 and above
Investing.com news
Investing.com indices

Investing.com is an investment and trading application for android. Thanks to this program, you can track quotes of various assets on the exchange in real-time. Use a unique algorithm to predict price increases and detailed technical analysis. Here you can get acquainted with the news of the financial sector and keep abreast of the latest changes. Every day, stock exchanges track economic events and reports of various companies. The menu has a convenient systematization into sections and categories so that you can quickly find the necessary options. Choose any section and analyze current currency quotes.

It can play a significant role in price movement, so you can always be aware of changes. A quick analytical forecast will allow you to make decisions about financial activity and profit from changes in quotes. Trade options and earn in real-time. Here you can install the Widget to monitor quotes and specific currency pairs. This application will help you to be successful in trading.

Online Trading

Thanks to this application, trading has become much more accessible to ordinary people. Now all current events are concentrated in one app. You can track the news and financial indicators of various countries to form your trading strategy. Analyze the historical data of currency pairs. Choose the type of chart display and explore all the possibilities for trading. This application will help you take adequate measures to improve your strategy and find out more information about economic events.

App Features

  • financial application on Android;
  • track quotes in real time;
  • news and financial statements of listed companies;
  • trade and profit every minute;
  • the ability to analyze current price ranges.
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