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Screen Mirroring and Cast Smart TV Lab.
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6 Мб
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Android 4.1
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IP WebCam is a video surveillance application for Android devices.

Online protection

You need a CCTV camera, but you are not ready to spend money? Then you can use these offers. The menu will help you to connect at least one camera that will transmit a signal from your office, home, or any other place. The principle of the application is straightforward. You need one smartphone or tablet that will act as a video camera. 

Connect it to the Internet. You must use the second smartphone or tablet as a receiver. Copy the eight-digit code from the first device and enter it into the address bar on your smartphone or tablet. After that, you can use your smartphone as a verification screen for a surveillance camera. 

It is worth noting that the application allows you to record video and sound. You can also use particular voice messages to inform friends or employees in the office. It is worth noting that the application allows you to connect multiple cameras at once, so you can count on a full-fledged video surveillance mode.

Personal Safety

The application is perfect for those who want to protect themselves and their friends using a video surveillance system. Now you do not need to spend money on expensive camcorders and install various technical devices. You need a stable Internet connection and several smartphones. Install smartphones and tablets as a video camera and use your primary tool as a monitor to monitor video surveillance modes. Now you can effectively manage the protection of your premises and receive information as quickly as possible.


  • video surveillance setup application;
  • free connection of Android devices;
  • broadcast video with sound from multiple cameras simultaneously;
  • convenient interface for quick connection;
  • eight-digit verification code.
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