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iProfile is an application for Android that lets you see the statistics on interactions with your social media profile. 

How does it work

In the beginning, you have to log in using your Instagram account. If you don’t have one you won’t be able to use this app, so be advised. 

Your profile automatically gets analyzed and you are provided with statistics on its popularity, number of subscribers and all other important metrics. 

It is also possible to take a closer look on certain parts. For example, there is My stories tab where you can see the information on people who are watching your content but aren’t following you or aren’t followed by you. Along with it, it’s possible to find out what users view your stories the most and the least.

Moreover, there is the ability to know which of your stories are the most popular, latest or oldest

The application makes it possible to immediately get notifications about any interactions with your profile. If someone has just viewed your page you get information about who it was. Also, you are notified when people unfollow or block you. 

There are convenient lists of followers distributed according to their attitude towards you. It can be useful when you analyze your profile or clean it. 

You are also provided with an opportunity to learn such statistics as engagement rate, average likes and followers ratio. These numbers are updated every day, so you can keep the eye on your growth. 


Some of the options mentioned above are accessible only if you upgrade your app. So you have to pay money if you need all of them.

Furthermore, there are in-app ads, that are turned off if the full version is purchased. 


  • you can see different metrics from your Instagram profile;
  • it’s possible to see who checks out your stories;
  • when someone unfollows or blocks you the app notifies you;
  • the premium version is available;
  • free download for Android.
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