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8x8, Inc
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Android 5.0
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Jitsi Meet is an Android application for free audio and video conferencing.


Many people face the need to have a quick conference with friends or colleagues. This application may be suitable for this purpose. Jitsi Meet allows you to organize a video conference with one click. You can add an unlimited number of users and discuss important things.

Just download the app and start the conference. Neither you nor your companions need an account. Just create a link. Share hyperlinks with other people or add them to a general chat during a video conference. 

The general dialogue system is organized in such a way as not to reboot the server and evenly distributes the load. That is why the audio and video call option adapts to the Internet level and allows you to comfortably communicate in any conditions. Each user can manually set the quality parameters in the application settings.


Conferences can be created from a smartphone or tablet on the Android platform. Your friends or colleagues can even accept the link and connect using the browser's address bar. Switch between the main and front cameras to view important documents, browse rooms, or focus on certain nuances around you.

All conferences are encrypted by default. You can set a password and monitor all new users. People can also send unique links to colleagues and friends. Enter keywords that are related to specific workflows or important tasks for your friends. Each user can always switch between audio and video.


  • video conferencing applications;
  • users can add an unlimited number of people;
  • encrypted connection and high signal quality;
  • the application can be downloaded and used for free;
  • compatible with relevant versions of Android.
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