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Jugnoo is an Android transport application where users can hire a taxi. It is a convenient way to call a car directly to your home and go anywhere on the map. Users can comfortably plan a future trip and pay for taxi services using cash, bank card e-wallets — all trips stored in the history of operations. Also, users can see full information about the car and the drivers. Evaluate each journey using a five-point system and enjoy the first-class service. Also, the application will be useful for entrepreneurs and taxi drivers. 

You can register for an affiliate program and set up your own passenger transportation business. It is a multifunctional application that has many convenient interface elements. Here you can always see the approximate time on the road and the display of the original route. The driver and passenger will ever see the final price, depending on the route settings. It is very convenient because it excludes all speculation and the possibility of fraud.

Fast Traveling

It is a convenient and straightforward application where you can feel safe. Each trip marked in detail along the route, and you can observe all the details on your online map. It eliminates the possibility of speculation and provides you with a safe way every day. It is worth noting that you can count on cashback in the application. It is an excellent feature that is suitable for those who often use this type of taxi. This app is perfect for both taxi passengers and drivers. The main advantage of the service is that taxi drivers, and passengers get the opportunity to interact without intermediaries and set honest prices. 

App Features

  • application for ordering a taxi for Android;
  • car tracking on the road and complete driver information;
  • payment using bank cards, cash and electronic money;
  • the opportunity to organize your own transport business;
  • the rating system and detailed online map.
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