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Just Eat UK is an application for Android that provides you with the ability to order food from different restaurants with your phone. 

Getting started

Before you install the app you should now that it works only if you live in the United Kingdom. It’s the common feature of all delivery software like Argos, for example. So if you are located in a different region you have to find another variant. 

You are supposed to give the application access to your location, so it can find cafes near you. If you don't want to do it you can enter your postcode manually and it will work.

It's possible to create a profile so all your information can be saved and used for new orders. 

There are multiple payment options like a debit card or cash. The preferable method can also be remembered by the app so you don’t have to enter and confirm it every time you want to use it. 

How it works

When your account is fully set up, you can proceed with orders. You are automatically recommended the restaurant nearby, that can arrange the delivery fast. 

You can search through the app for your favorite meals and add them to your chart. When you are finished with choosing and everything is paid for the cafe you pick will start to cook. 

It's possible to see the status of your order on the screen. It also shows the approximate time of the arrival of the courier. 

When the food arrives you just need to take it from your door and that is it. After it is eaten you can rate the quality of dishes and the speed of delivery. If you are satisfied it's possible to save the restaurant as the favorite. 


  • you can order food from local cafes if you live in the United Kingdom;
  • it's possible to choose a convenient payment method;
  • allows to create a personal profile and save the information;
  • lets you rate restaurants and couriers;
  • free download for Android.
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