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Karta Software Technologies - GPS Navigation
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Android 5.0
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Karta GPS is an Android application that allows you to find the necessary route, regardless of the city quickly. Find out all traffic and traffic information as well as recommendations for choosing a route.

Find the right way

Android smartphones contain a built-in navigator who has several flaws. This application will help you most accurately calculate any route and travel comfortably. It is worth noting that this is a free application that allows you to download maps and use offline navigation. Here you can get information about traffic jams and current traffic. Find the best bypass route to reduce traffic jams. 

A special system with security cameras will allow you to find out where the police patrol is located and control your speed. Thanks to this, you will avoid unnecessary fines and will be able to pass the necessary segment of the path freely. The system also leaves special recommendations regarding the nearest cafe restaurants and monuments. Here you can find interesting sights that are worth visiting in the first place.

Open Street Maps

This navigator has some of the most accurate maps in its segment. Here you can find all the attractions, local cafes, and restaurants, as well as a detailed display of streets. Plan your route for car and hiking trips. Here you can change the route and find the most comfortable places to relax. Overall this is a great application that will help you see the world and not lose the right direction.


  • free application for navigation and search of attractions;
  • download maps for offline navigation and route search;
  • compatibility with all current Android versions;
  • receive notifications about traffic jams and police patrols;
  • notification system and detailed display of objects on the map.
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