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KeepClean is an Android application that helps optimize the operating system and remove garbage.

Main functions

The continuous operation of any device is associated with logging, cache storage, and specific settings. All the system crashes, junk, and activity logs affect the overall system performance. It is necessary to carry out regular apps & cache cleaning.

The utility contains instructions for speeding up the firmware. It has an algorithm for searching for garbage and cleaning it. A special defense mechanism analyzes disk space and RAM for threats.

Also, the utility provides information about the amount of disk space used by the subsystem and RAM. The power-saving option helps extend battery life. Many smartphones lose capacity over time. It affects battery life. The function unloads all applications from RAM and disables unused modules.

Additional options

One of the most important features is backup. It is especially important if you accidentally deleted an application or document. After setting this option, you can activate auto-cleaning. All valuable files will remain in place. Automatic virus scanning helps prevent infection of the device. 

The program blocks unknown files and places them in the quarantine directory. Part of the information can simply be deleted. The basic version of the program is available for free. The VIP package provides advanced settings and the ability to select additional options when scanning the system.


  • application with the option to analyze the disk space;
  • cleaning memory from unnecessary data and logs;
  • the basic version is available for free;
  • antivirus and energy-saving option;
  • compatibility with current versions of Android.
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