King James Bible

King James Bible
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King James Bible is a religious book that is available to all Android users for free.

The Holy Word

This Android application will allow you to read the King James Bible and pray together. Read this book for free and share the best quotes with your friends. It is worth noting that this is an application that can be downloaded to your phone and used offline. Get access to a better quote of the day or choose a separate part of the text that you want to send to friends. 

Gather a collection of poems and mark the most interesting moments. It is worth noting that you can conveniently turn over all pages as in electronic readers. Copy parts of the text, listen to audio files, and bookmark. It is very convenient for everyday use. Download the book for free and enjoy religious teachings.

How to use it?

Download the Bible on your smartphone or tablet and view it in a free format. You can study all the chronological sequences of the Bible and listen to the audio recording. Highlight keywords and the most valuable quotes for you. You can collect a collection of individual verses and emphasize the main points that you like. You can also record important thoughts and store this in one application. 

People can use font settings and various options to increase the comfort of reading text. You can use this application format to pray or learn more about God. It is worth noting that the proposal includes a huge number of printed materials that will please those that are religious.


  • the Bible for all Christian Android users;
  • free access to offline versions;
  • the best quotes of the day and the ability to copy individual verses;
  • bookmark and manage your audio guide;
  • keyword search and fast notes.
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