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KingoApp is an application for Android that allows you to get root access to your device.

The importance of Root

It provides you with the ability to change how the way the system of your phone works. Common users can not do it, but once you perform rooting you have an opportunity to alter many different aspects.

It becomes possible to get rid of any apps that are preinstalled and you can't delete them otherwise. 

Moreover, you become entitled to choose the privacy settings of your system and control your personal data more thoroughly.

You are highly advised to proceed with rooting only if you are a very experienced user. Because once you have access to deeper levels of the system it is easy to break something and you become vulnerable to malware. 

The procedure 

This application allows you to root your device very fast, despite the complexity of this process.

When you install the app it is obligatory to give it unlimited access to your system. Once it is done you can proceed with rooting. You have to click only one button and it begins. This is similar to the way other software like KingRoot works.  

You are always shown the current progress and see how much is left.

After the process is completed you are told if it was successful or you need to try one more time.

Once you are provided with access you can start the optimization of your system. But please be sure that you know what your a doing, as it can lead to different outcomes. 


  • gives you control over the operating system of your phone;
  • you can perform the whole process with only one click;
  • the app shows you the progress of rooting in real-time;
  • you can delete any application after you get root access;
  • free download for Android.
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