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Android 4.1
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Kiwi Browser is the application for Android that allows you to open various sites and read the news.

Web surfing

The utility is a minimalistic interface, designed for a set of different widgets that simplify access to the website. Users can add social network icons to the main page. Also, it has news from various countries that will be placed in chronological order. The article aggregator collects the most relevant collections from various sources.

In order to find a specific Internet resource, click on the line with the search query or activate the microphone icon for voice input. After you dictate or enter a specific word, the application will allow you to find the desired content. By default, searches are made using Google services.

App settings

The settings menu contains the ability to open and incognito free mode. It allows you to block various Internet scripts that tracks users' location interesting pages and sites, you can bookmark the entire browsing history stored in a separate section. Downloaded files are stored in the smartphone’s memory; you can configure the save mode for the SD card.

Users can switch sites to mobile and desktop mode. There is also an ad blocking option so as not to see inappropriate content and speed up the loading of web pages. People can use a night mode that makes the background of the site a dark dot. This saves traffic and reduces eye strain during night reading.


  • application for internet surfing;
  • news aggregator and widgets on the main page;
  • free incognito mode to block tracking;
  • a section with bookmarks and the ability to choose a directory for downloads;
  • the app is fully compatible with relevant versions of Android.
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