Auto Redial

다운로드 Auto Redial

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A simple program (dialer) to automatically make calls (auto dial) to a specified number.

The program is designed for automatic dialing to city, long-distance, international numbers, as well as SIP and IP .

The application supports 2 (two) SIM cards (dual sim).

The application has support for scheduled calls. You can specify a schedule for automatic redial with different options.

The program has the following types of schedule:
- once at a specified time and date;
- recurring daily or on certain days of the week at a specified time;
- recurring calls after a specified period of time.

In the application settings, you can enable or disable the speakerphone during a call. (By default, it is enabled).
Also in the settings you can turn on the alert with a sound alert before the start of the call on a schedule.

All required permissions are needed for work the application. The data will not be sent, not collected and are not processed, and used for making calls.
Android, Android+
3.8 mb
2016. 12. 6.
앱 리뷰
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동일 개발자로부터: lithiumS
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