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Android 4.3
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KUGOO is an Android application that allows connecting to electric vehicles and managing general statistics.

The vehicles info

The utility helps to analyze technical characteristics of scooters and electric bicycles. In particular, each user has an opportunity to check the limited speed, the ability to run, and modes for driving around the city and off-road. Main settings have a cruise control option and automatic mileage calculation. It is worth mentioning that the application is compatible with E-Scooters and E-Bikes.

How sync it via smartphone or tablet?

Connection to all vehicles is possible by Bluetooth only. After that it is possible to track the bike path on the screen of smartphone. The GPS settings help to enhance the accuracy of geolocation.

Besides, the interface with speed and distance traveled allows the application working in the background. It is also possible to set up a password so that no one could access the account. Thankfully to free control of charge consumption, one can find out when the vehicle's battery is running low and charge it at the nearest station in time. 

It is also essential to think over the route in advance and find out where to connect to an alternative power source. The device works correctly and displays every six steps on the map. It means that one can make a navigation route to move along the established path. 
The function of renaming the vehicle allows giving nicknames to each electric device and to switch between them quickly.


  • an app for synchronizing with KUGOO electric vehicles;
  • access to detailed information about the device;
  • monitoring of current speed and battery capacity;
  • the app is free for all users;
  • compatible with relevant versions of Android.
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