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Android 4.0.3 and above
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Kview is an Android application that simplifies the use of a smartphone in a special book case. Many cases contain a cutout at the top through which you can control your smartphone. Thanks to this application, you can call friends and relatives, manage messages, take selfies and turn on music. The K-point assist option is responsible for blocking sleep mode. It helps you control your smartphone when it is covered with a case.

The software package works with various smartphones. The main emphasis is on models from Samsung and Xiaomi, but you can use it with almost any device. The main requirement is the presence of magnetic support in your case. Then the application will work properly, pleasing you with convenient functionality. In fact, you get grouped icons, functions and the ability to manage all processes on a small part of the screen. The program adapts to your case, allowing you to comfortably manage all functions.

Full Functionality
Forget about the time when you had to constantly open the cover of the case for working with a smartphone. Now all active buttons are grouped in one place. Use the window in the cover of the case to control the smartphone. Take selfies with friends, make video calls and chat without boundaries. The app does not limit your user experience. Now you will feel much more comfortable with this app. Use this application if you want to use all the functions of a smartphone in a protective case.

App Features

  • smartphone control application in a protective case;
  • convenient grouped menu on Android;
  • support for more than 12 smartphone brands;
  • the K-point assist option and other features;
  • setting wallpaper, brightness and clock on the screen.
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