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LampTest is an application for Android, the developers of which independently test various LED lamps. Users can familiarize themselves with the test results and choose a lamp for purchase in accordance with its real indicators. According to developers, manufacturers are increasingly releasing LED lamps that do not meet the declared parameters.

For example, users often encounter small brightness and power lamps. They often flicker, provide a narrow angle of illumination, and also feature low CRI. In this regard, the whole team is working on testing LED lamps to provide users with their exact parameters and demonstrate shortcomings. In the future, users will be able to choose the necessary lamp based on its actual performance, and not on those that the manufacturer said.


The application has a huge database of LED lamps. By selecting a specific one, users can familiarize themselves with its photo, as well as detailed parameters. It’s simple.
It is possible to find a particular lamp through the search bar. Additionally, users can scan the QR code from the package and the application will find the corresponding lamp model, if it is present in the database. In addition, a convenient filter is available to users. With it, you can find lamps by the light quality assessment, measured luminous flux, and power equivalent.

App Features

  • the application contains a huge database of tested LED lamps;
  • the available options will help users rely on real characteristics when buying;
  • you can search for lamps using a QR code from a package or a special line;
  • the application is downloaded and used absolutely free;
  • compatible with all current versions of Android.
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