Layout from Instagram

Layout from Instagram

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Android 5.0
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Layout from Instagram is a convenient Android application for creating pictures for Instagram.


Instagram’s standard features prevent collages and frames. However, this option is available when installing a separate Android application. Here you can choose any format for combining photos. Choose from one to ten photos and compose and their dependence on the required proportion.

Surprise your friends and create beautiful compositions that no one has done before. These are your chances to stand out and use the data of the Android application as an excellent graphic layout for new compositions. Experiment, and you will surely find something new. Choose the effects that you like best and create real masterpieces of graphic art in your smartphone.


The main application menu contains detailed information about essential settings and allows you to create a preview mode with sliders for dragging and dropping various photos. It will allow you to control the grid and change priorities for each photo effectively. Multiple effects in real-time will enable you to achieve the desired photo effect. You can use the tab with eggs to find people by parameters and save the current result and your photo.

The application allows you to keep the latest results and return to wound edited images. It is very convenient if you want to complete the previous work and get a better result. Use this Android app for your creative endeavors and creative components. It will help you express your emotions and feelings.


  • create frames and publish photos;
  • free templates and effects for users;
  • preview mode and change of angles;
  • create a spectacular selfie and edit it in one click;
  • compatible with current Android versions.
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