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LeaderTask is a mobile client with which you can finally organize all your tasks, goals and dreams. The main advantage of LeaderTask for Android over similar solutions is the ability to split any of the tasks into subtasks. Moreover, each task is allowed to be divided into an unlimited number of subtasks. 

This will allow you to conveniently place the global plan in one note, instead of breaking it into many records. In addition, LeaderTask allows you to plan your affairs even if you are not connected to the network. Data is saved in the cloud storage and, after connecting to the network, all updates in it will be sent from the smartphone to a personal account.

One of the most interesting features of LeaderTask is called "Anti-forgetting Mode". When using it, unfulfilled plans today are automatically transferred to a new day. This will allow you to remember to complete them on time, stopping putting things off for later, because otherwise they will accumulate too much.


The main disadvantage of LeaderTask is the limited functionality of the free version. All you can do in it is to create tasks, reminders and use the application offline. Buying a license will open up a ton of additional features. Among them: assigning tasks to colleagues and friends, attaching files to notes, the ability to create a common project by opening other users access to it, discussing its details in a special chat, and gaining access to the account from several devices.

App Features

  • allows you to organize important matters, conducting constant planning;
  • the application can be used in the absence of the Internet;
  • user data is stored in the cloud and will not go anywhere when the application is removed from the device;
  • it is possible to create common projects, planning tasks and discussing them;
  • attach to created notes files.
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