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letgo is an application for Android that allows you to trade used things with people nearby. 

How it works

This app is a traditional marketplace with all its basic functions available. It is very similar to other analogical software like OfferUp for example. 

At first, you are obliged to create a new profile to start using it and you are ready to find profitable deals around you. 

It is possible to sell almost any item here that you don’t longer need. You should just take a photo of it and upload it with your commentary. Also, you should state the sum of money you are expecting to get for it and your location.

Moreover, you are provided with the ability to search for things other people are trying to sell. There are different filters you can apply and find what you are looking for. Then you can contact a seller and negotiate a deal. 

It is worth noticing, that you can always use a convenient in-app chat to ask someone a question about an item or discuss terms of purchase. 


There are a lot of different users in this marketplace and some of them might be scammers. To avoid a negative experience there is a rating shown near every person.

Once you have decided to buy something you can check if that user is reliable. You can see the number of successful deals he or she had and how other people rated it. 

It is also possible to leave a review after you buy something. So you always can find out if a certain seller is trustworthy or not. 


  • you can sell used things to other people;
  • lets you browse available items and buy them;
  • allows you to find the best deals nearby; 
  • it is possible to leave a review about a user and rate him or her;
  • there is in-app chat to communicate with others; 
  • free download for Android.
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