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Lie Detector

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Lie Detector is an entertaining app for prank lovers. Developers do not position the program as a real tool for determining the veracity of what a person said. She is just a “joke.” That is, you can use the Lie Detector only for practical jokes, but nothing more.

This Android application imitates a real polygraph, which, using wires and sensors connected to the “experimental”, helps to determine the truthfulness of the words spoken by him. But in this case, additional equipment is not needed. To find out how honest the interlocutor is, ask him to scan his finger on a special application panel. After a quick analysis, you will get the results.

How to Use It

As you recall, the testimony given by the Lie Detector is not real. The displayed result can be selected independently. But with such draws you will need sleight of hand. Indeed, in order to tell the application which of the two possible options should be shown on the screen, you must press a certain key directly during scanning.

The volume up button is used to display the phrase “You are telling the truth”, and the volume down is vice versa. In the first case, an additional green light will light up on the screen, and in case of a lie, the other light will turn red. Use this as an entertaining application that you can appreciate playing with friends. Ask tricky questions and get interesting answers. You can pre-configure the answer if you want to impress your friends.

App Features

  • imitates a fingerprint scan, as in spy movies;
  • displays the correct answer at the request of the user;
  • has the most simple and intuitive interface;
  • works on all current versions of the Android operating system;
  • contains ads, but does not offer the user paid features.
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