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Life360 is an application also known as Life360. This is an easy-to-use direction finder for Android devices that allows you to track the location of your near and dear ones. The program helps to quickly send “invitations” to the system to the right people and makes it possible to create so-called user circles. The application is very convenient for everyday use and geolocation. It is very convenient and allows you to quickly track the current location of those who are dear to you.

Before you start working with the Family Locator application, you will have to register by entering your phone number. After that, you must provide the program with access to its own location and indicate important addresses on the map. Then you can proceed to sending invitations. In order for you to track the location of another person, you must obtain an agreement.

GPS Tracker

In addition to the fact that the Family Locator transmits the current coordinates of all users added to the circles, it also allows you to set up notifications that a certain person has reached the destination or has exceeded the specified radius. These functions will be especially useful for caring parents who want to be sure that the child has come home from school and does not leave the yard during leisure. In new versions of Life360, developers have implemented chat. Now you can exchange messages with added contacts without using third-party messengers.

App Features

  • allows you to receive location data of invited people;
  • makes it possible to create user circles;
  • can send notifications that a certain person has reached his destination;
  • works on current versions of the Android operating system;
  • the basic version of the application is available for download and use for free.
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