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Android 4.1 and above
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Lite Android Player

Lime Player is a modern video player that has hardware acceleration and can play any video on your smartphone or tablet. You can arrange a quick search for music or video in all your folders and directories to find any files. The player supports playback of 4K and HD video at 60fps on Android. A vast number of codes and support for various formats make it easy to play any video. You can also activate subtitles and enjoy watching your favorite movies or TV shows with the appropriate translation. 

Also, this player plays various video formats that support subtitles and styling. You can configure multiple parameters, rewind the video for a certain period, and display media content in the required format. This application simplifies the playback of various clips even if the standard player does not support such forms. Video player supports any video format and allows you to run videos in full screen. Manage your content and switch various settings depending on your preference. The lightweight of the application will enable you to install it on any device in a few clicks.

Play Whatever You Want

One of the key advantages of this video player is its ease of management and the ability to quickly launch any video or audio. Just go to the desired folder and start the video with one click. You can control the subtitle system and configure them online. Enjoy the impeccable quality of your videos with this player. You can easily set any parameters and enjoy unlimited viewing of your content. A convenient format for grouping files and folders will help you find any content on your device.

App Features

  • play video & audio in one click;
  • any subtitle formats support;
  • HD & 4K video support for phones and tablets;
  • small file size for Android;
  • offline & online mode for all users.
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