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LingoDeer is an educational application that helps you learn foreign languages. The application menu contains many options to explore. Each user has access to a whole course to help them learn vocabulary, grammar and correct pronunciation. The educational process has general introductory lessons and a detailed grammar commentary. This allows you to understand the specifics and structure of the language and quickly immerse yourself in the language environment. 

You can open small exercises, listen to the correct pronunciation and repeat after the announcer. Also, the application works offline. Just download the required course on your smartphone or tablet. Would you like to learn Korean or Japanese? Here it is real. Study hieroglyphs and general grammar by getting detailed information. Use a basic study of the alphabet, popular topics and take online tests. Here you can raise your level of knowledge to unprecedented heights.

Start from Basics

The main advantage of this proposal is the ability to start from the very beginning. Learn the alphabet, discover new words and practice in practice. Here there is an explanation of grammar, phonetics and the correct interpretation of each word or stress. Now you can always find out what the other person is telling you. Do various exercises and open new cards with words. There are many tests and an explanation of grammar that will help you understand all the subtleties of the language. Learn a language interesting to you and choose a convenient form of training.

App Features

  • application for learning languages on Android;
  • study grammar, phonetics and spelling;
  • small and informative lessons to consolidate knowledge;
  • tests and listening to audio recordings;
  • many languages to choose from and start with basic tasks.
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