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LinkedIn is a popular Android application that helps users create an advanced resume and develop professionally. First of all, users need to go through the authorization procedure. This is most conveniently done through a Google account. Next, you must specify the type of work performed and the place of residence. After that, you will need to upload a personal photo, which will be displayed both on the avatar and in the profile. Then the application will offer to find friends on LinkedIn. For this, contacts from the notebook will be used. In the end, users can select topics of interest to them and start working with the application.


A LinkedIn profile is a more advanced solution than a standard resume. It demonstrates not only who the user is, but also all his professional achievements. Using the presented application, you can search for people, companies, groups and vacancies. By the way, employers offer over 20 million employment options. It is possible to receive updates from people, associations or companies, which will contribute to the professional growth of the user.

The application does not have any restrictions on communication, so users can exchange messages with colleagues and representatives of various companies. You can add to your profile at any time. In the future, it can be demonstrated to employers instead of the usual resume.

App Features

  • using the application, users can create an advanced resume;
  • It is possible to track updates of companies, groups and individuals;
  • there is a lot of useful information conducive to professional growth;
  • the application is downloaded and used absolutely free;
  • compatible with all current versions of Android.
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