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Android 4.1 and above
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LoPoly is an unusual puzzle for Android, which not only helps to train mindfulness, but also have fun. The concept of the game is quite simple - the user is presented with a drawing template made in black and gray tones, and the user needs to colorize it. No, you do not need to use the palette. By coloring is meant filling in the cells of the figure with figures of a suitable form. The selector with figures is located at the bottom of the screen, and the placement of elements in the picture is carried out by conventional drag and drop.

In addition to the selection of elements by shape, you can use the selection by numbers. This option is much simpler, so it is recommended to use it for those who launched LoPoly in order to relax. You can enable or disable the display of numbers using the corresponding button located on the top. Also on the top panel you will find scaling tools and a key for receiving hints. Having completed the "collection" of the image, you can share it on social networks or simply save it to the memory of a portable device.

Free jigsaw puzzles

Every day, LoPoly designers add new puzzles to the application. Please note that not all of the templates are free - some are only available after purchasing a subscription. An icon with a crown is displayed next to such puzzles. This is a great entertainment application that will provide you with a lot of positive emotions and the opportunity to develop every day.

App Features

  • It is a simple puzzle in which you need to add drawings of geometric shapes;
  • offers to select elements according to the form or according to the numbers;
  • can record video of the process of working on the image and share it with friends;
  • contains paid and free jigsaw puzzles;
  • works on all current versions of the Android operating system.
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