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Lose Weight App for Women

Lose Weight App for Women

Leap Fitness Group
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Lose Weight App for Women Lose weight
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Lose Weight App for Women is a fitness app for Android. There is a series of intense training for girls without going to the gym.

Utility Features

The program menu contains a series of exercises with instructions for creating a monthly training plan. A quick set of questions at the very beginning helps to find out the parameters of each girl and assign an effective plan of physical activity. Users can use several types of loads using their own weight.

Intensive classes last only seven minutes with breaks. You can choose a program for burning fat on the sides and stomach. Also, the menu has separate training complexes involving each muscle group. Work in a statodynamic format allows you to control the progress of weight loss progress at home.

Calendar and built-in reminders will allow you to not miss physical activity every day. For beginners, there is a simplified program with classes of two minutes. Minimal loads will allow you to prepare the body for more serious statodynamic exercises for free.

Difficulty and Calorie Counting

If the basic exercises do not start the fat burning process, then you can choose one of four difficulty levels. They are designed for more demanding users and former athletes. The speed and number of approaches are manually adjusted.

Body mass index and total calories burned are displayed in a separate menu. The indicator is made in the form of a human figure and a horizontal line with color indicators. They reflect the current state of the body. The curve on the chart allows you to monitor the current body index.


  • application for sports for free;
  • set of exercises with detailed instructions;
  • the ability to choose the type of occupation and level of difficulty;
  • tips on proper nutrition and recovery;
  • the sports app is supported by relevant versions of Android.
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