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Lost Android

Theis Borg
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Android 4.0
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Lost Android is an Android app that will allow you to restore connection with the lost device.

How it works?

The application allows you to configure communication with the server and allows you to set various requirements for data transfer. In case of loss of a smartphone, in particular, you can allow the application to send geolocation, turn on the car siren, verify SMS messages and complete control over the smartphone.

People can find the location of their device by GPS or mobile networks Users can also remotely erase data from an SD card. If you do not want the attacker to use the phone, you can lock the screen or make it unreadable. The application automatically activates a colored background that will cover the main characters.

Data Traffic

The main advantage of the application is that it does not automatically send information to the server; it discharges the smartphone’s battery; you can use third-party devices or a web browser to send a command.

It will help solve a number of technical problems and also block SMS notifications and various remote banking transactions for free. Save data to the battery, IMEI and other parameters you can generate pop-up messages on the screen and also go to law enforcement to inform them about the theft.

It is worth noting that the application can use the main and front camera in order to record photos and videos. This feature will help determine the current person who uses the phone.


  • an application for finding a lost smartphone;
  • the ability to enable geolocation remotely for free;
  • erasing data from the SD card and blocking SMS messages;
  • alarm mode and call forwarding;
  • the utility is compatible with relevant versions of Android.
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