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LuluBox is a utility for Android that allows you to download various patches for smartphones and tablets. Anyone can find free plugins and games with modified settings.

Main options

The utility is suitable for all those who want to use modified applications and upgrade the main functions to take advantage of games and apps.

Your smartphone or tablet can become faster thanks to modifications and settings that reduce power or resource consumption. You can also use the main menu to search for various hacked game settings. It will allow you to take advantage of certain game modes or unlimited currency.

Getting access to the catalog

The application can be downloaded and installed using individual permissions. Since the utility can change other utilities, you won't find it on Google Play. However, you can allow access to install third-party applications on your smartphone or tablet. 

Check all the app settings that allow analyzing the installed apps on the Android device.
After that, you will get access to the catalog. It’s easy to sort it by function, application type, and various patches. Select the content you are interested in from the menu and click on the installation option. After the procedure is completed, you will get access to various gaming advantages, hacked applications, and new app features. 

All content is delivered on an “as is” basis. Users are personally responsible for possible malfunctioning devices.


  • an application for downloading patches and modifications;
  • the opportunity to get a gaming advantage;
  • free access to install third-party applications;
  • a section with plugins and tweakers;
  • the utility is compatible with compliant versions of Android.
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