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Mad Scientist
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Magic Fluids Free is an Android app with the ability to draw vortices on the screen.

How it works?

Utility campaign like a graphical editor with the ability to draw animated puffs of smoke. To create spectacular graphics, just touch the screen with your finger. The touchpad immediately responds to a press.
Puffs of smoke are created for free in several stages. You can swipe one or more fingers across the screen to get bright flashes.

A quick tap on the screen generates a small flash with swirls. If you hold your finger on the screen for a long time, then the ball grows like an atomic bomb mushroom. A few taps make the entire display turn white.

Effect Settings

The menu has two sections with a choice of parameters. One is responsible for the graphics when swiping, and the second menu is responsible for the effects when pressed and held. You can choose the direct movement of the vortices behind the finger on the screen or inverse flow.

The utility can adjust the strength of the movement of the graphic element and the size of the vortices on the screen. Another interesting property is the automatic control of the driving force. The stream will adjust to the swipe speed.

The menu with a reaction to pressing has eight modes and a dimensional grid for vortices. You can create an exploding star effect or combine several dots for a color show. In the settings there is an option to set live wallpaper on the main screen.


  • entertaining application with graphic effects;
  • the ability to create animated vortices and bright points;
  • advanced settings and brightness control;
  • the ability to control animation for free;
  • the utility is compatible with relevant versions of Android.
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