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Android 4.4 and above
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Malwarebytes is a multi-tasking “protector” for your Android device. Malwarebytes helps protect your portable device from pests of almost any kind. With him, you should not worry about trojans, adware, or ransomware! Anti-Virus will take full control of the Android operating system, allowing you to monitor all important processes. In particular, the antivirus performs checking incoming messages for suspicious links.
You can use identification of programs that secretly track the user’s location, his calls and other confidential information.

Start analysis of running applications. You can start scanning local files, checking for threats. It can provide protection against ransomware attacks. Manage the rights of all installed clients. Access to all the main functions of Malwarebytes is carried out directly from the main page. Also, the antivirus allows you to create widgets and take out quick launch buttons on the desktop.

What is it used for?

Solutions like Malwarebytes will be very relevant for those who actively use their smartphone. Start your day by checking instant messengers? Do you often work with email? Download and install apps that aren’t on Google Play? This puts the device at risk. Malwarebytes will help to control security, and prevent infection of your portable device. It has a nice modern interface, and works with all current versions of the Android operating system.

App Features

  • it offers powerful multi-level protection for smartphones and tablets based on Android;
  • protects from “pests” of various types;
  • supports working with widgets;
  • distributed by shareware model;
  • provides proactive protection, and also makes it possible to start scanning “manually”.
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