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Marco Polo

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Android 5.0
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Marco Polo is a symbiosis of social networks and applications for communicating with friends and relatives.

Family & friends connection

This Android application is a symbiosis in the social network and video chat. Here you can chat with friends and express your emotions without limits. It is worth noting that the application has a special contact list where you can find your friends and relatives. Use video chats with friends to help you stay up to date with all modern events. Chat one on one or with a group of friends who will help you to have fun and get a lot of interesting information. 

It is worth noting that you can share with the emoticons in the chat and see all the interlocutors in the grouped icons. You can also add various emoticons and other interesting content when chatting with friends and relatives. It is worth noting that video calls are very convenient and even support a 3G connection.

Another type of social media

This Android application will help you communicate with all your relatives and friends without any restrictions. It is worth noting that you can send text messages to notify friends of various activities or that you will call back. It is worth noting that there are many interesting functions and interaction with other people in the video chat is possible. Here you can forget about various restrictions and communicate sincerely with all your friends. 

Enjoy high-quality video calling and a convenient template for communicating with a large number of people. Here you can organize various video conferences and systematically add new users. All this will allow you to be in a trend and communicate with relatives and friends without borders.


  • application for communication with friends and relatives;
  • free video chat solo and in groups;
  • the ability to send text messages;
  • convenient interface with a minimum number 
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