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Android 4.2
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Master for Minecraft is an application for Android that lets you modify your game in different ways. 


The app provides you with a set of tools that provide you with the opportunity to change multiple aspects of the gameplay and visuals. You can choose what you would like to use when you run it for the first time after the installation. 

First of all, there are different mods available. Some of them can improve graphics and some add new objects to the game. For example, there are mods for dragons, portals, cars, furniture, superheroes, weapons, and so on. 

It is also possible to add new maps that support different game modes. There are all kinds of them, for two players, for playing hide and seek, horror maps, and many others. 

Moreover, you can use skins and change the way your game looks. They allow you to make all characters resemble pirates or heroes of famous anime. It is also possible to manually change skins by using Skin Editor 3D for Minecraft.

Terms of use

The application is available for free and can be downloaded by all users. However, you have to pay money if you are going to use it.

There is a three days trial period after the moment you have run it for the first time. When it is over around 30 dollars will be charged from your account. It will repeat every week until you cancel the subscription. 


  • provides you with the opportunity to change different aspects of the game in the way you like;
  • you can download different mods that add new objects and change graphics;
  • there are a lot of maps with new games modes;
  • it is possible to download multiple skins that alter the looks of characters;
  • there is a three day trial period for new users; 
  • free download for Android.
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