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Mathway is a multidisciplinary Android application that allows you to solve problems in mathematics, algebra, trigonometry, statistics, and chemistry. You can plot or solve any linear equation in a few clicks. It is worth noting that the application has a convenient interface where you can enter all the necessary data to get a quick response. The system generates a ready-made answer thanks to advanced artificial intelligence. 

It is worth noting that you can take a photo of your notebook and highlight the equation that you need to solve. After a couple of seconds, the system will give you a detailed answer. Here you will see convenient graphs and statistical information on algebra. It is worth noting that this will significantly improve your knowledge and allow you to get a detailed step-by-step explanation of each action. You can open the menu to switch to various sections of mathematics and chemistry.

Best Educational App

Thanks to this application, you can significantly improve your academic performance at school or university. Now you can get an answer to any mathematical or chemical question and quickly get a detailed example of a solution to a particular task. It is worth noting that the application runs as fast as possible thanks to machine intelligence and a fast server system. You can photograph the equation or logarithms, or enter information from the keyboard. In any case, you get a quick answer and step-by-step instructions for understanding the process of solving mathematical and chemical problems. It is very convenient for those students who are not ready to pay for tutoring services.

App Features

  • application for solving problems on Android;
  • quick solution of mathematical dilemmas and equations;
  • take a picture of your notebook, and the program will answer;
  • vast knowledge base and detailed explanation of the content;
  • a quick analysis of formulas and graphing.
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