Meditation Music

Meditation Music

Sound Sleep - Relaxing Sounds and White Noise
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Android 4.0.3 and above
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Meditation Music is an Android meditation music app. You can choose the sounds of nature enjoy stylish instrumental compositions and meditate. Abstracting from all everyday worries and creates your own soul melody. This application includes many soundtracks that allow you to combine musical components. Set a timer to abstract from the whole outside world and relax. 

Thanks to this application, you can normalize your sleep cycle and improve your mental state. The musical composition includes various samples that can be adjusted according to the sound range. Nice menus and a convenient interface for setting allow you to quickly switch between the desired parameters. This application allows you to meditate and enjoy self-control. It is worth noting that the application is very convenient to use so you do not have to get used to the various settings in the interface. Click on the music you want to hear and enjoy the beautiful sound design.

Sleep Well

This application is suitable for those people who cannot fall asleep due to various psychological aspects. Pleasant music, a breath of wind and raindrops will help you forget about daily adversities and relax. Only 5-10 minutes and you can fall asleep a sound sleep. Remember to set a timer to mute sounds after you take this picture. This application can perfectly restore you after a hard day’s work and give you a lot of pleasant moments. Enjoy beautiful music and sound and wildlife. This will help you introduce yourself anywhere in the world and meditate.

App Features

  • the Android app for meditation;
  • many soundtracks for rest and recovery;
  • timer with a choice of intervals for turning off the music;
  • sounds of nature and weather phenomena;
  • visual player with volume control.
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